#Awaken Creativity

A soul that is free and alive is a soul that createsErwin McManus

Calvin Hanson Creative is my personal design entity under which I design for non-profits, missionaries and inspire people to awaken their creativity.

#AwakenCreativity is a new initiative forming as of 2015. I’ve realized I have a growing desire to see more souls to be free and alive to create! I have been informally training people for years, but now it’s time to be intentional.

AwakenMAG was an idea birthed from hearing so many amazing stories while in YWAM yet not seeing them multiplied to others. I owe a lot to my season with Awaken DTS and the people involved in it.

Casa Libertad was a initiative to create a missional community in Barcelona, Spain. Although the house closed after 2 years, we learned a ton and it has provided seeds to future kingdom ideas.