A New Initiative

YWAM OFF-BASE - An initiative to equip those returning to home countries

We've leading teams overseas, helped lead Discipleship Training Schools, and lead a pioneering effort to start a missional community in Spain. All these experiences were incredibly valuable to get hands on experience.

In our next phase we will be helping a new and exciting initiative called: YWAM Off Base

The goal of YWAM off base is to help those going to their home countries be fruitful and missional in their lives and retain the "DNA" of what they learned during their time with YWAM.

As much as 80%-90% of those who go through YWAM go back to their native countries. This is a huge opportunity! Here's why: 

  • They know the culture. 

  • They know the language. 

  • They don't need visas. 

  • They naturally blend into the fabric of society.

These are all incredible advantages to start with when trying to start a church or movement.

We will focus on giving frameworks or "riverbanks" to those interested and be there to support them as they plow for the Kingdom of God in their native countries.

Wouldn't it be amazing to see multiplying groups of disciples of Jesus all over the world. The reality is, it is happening already, but we just want to fan the flame! Pray with us and if you believe in what we are doing...